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Think of a campaign for your favorite brand to hold on your campus

When could I start, due to the relocation process?

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Your past mostly and to see if you truly understand what the position entails. Come with lots of questions and be eager. Be passionate about helping small business owners and to not be afraid of talking on the phone. Up selling is required for the job but your more of a account executive then a digital marketer.

Can you tell me about a project you have had difficulty with in your current / prior position and how you overcame that challenge?

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1. Asked about what aspects of the job I thought I would enjoy. 2. Asked about a time a marketing plan failed. (The objective + how it failed) 3. Asked about what aspects of the job I may have difficulty with.

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How do you feel your work experience can translate into working here?

How do you feel about working, advising, and mentoring field agents?

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They wanted to know your previous experience and who you are. My suggestion is trying to make an interesting conversation, getting to know the team and the job, instead of just a one way question-answer dialogue. What do you do for fun? what kind of role do you take in the team?

common interview questions about experience, goals, etc.

No difficult questions. In fact I was surprised at the lack of detail until I realized that this was a new role and they had very little experience with advanced marketing processes.

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