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It's a "smartest people in the room" culture, so they want to find out if you are one of them. Almost all behavioral /anecdotal questions about how you: 1. innovated for a team win; 2. overcame organizational or market challenges; 3. operated within conflict; 4. disagreed with your manager or conveyed bad news, or 5. when you had to reach out for help on a project.

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Simple and easy questions. It's more like a conversation to see if you could fit in their environment. They'd ask you which team you are most interested in joining.

Interview questions were focused on discussing my prior experience and how it related to the open position. There weren't any silly interview questions that don't pertain the the position.

They walked through each of the requirements and wanted to hear how to "meet" each one.

The process was very intense with interviews with a number of employees. I was asked lots of questions, but none stand out that were unique or unusual.

Why Disney? Challenging previous experiences in previous jobs? and how did I overcame them? One example of a time you were successful one time you were acknowledge for doing a good job

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