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Math and Science Teacher was asked...July 17, 2017

Where should a teacher be in the classroom during class time? (ie. should the teacher stay up at the board, back at their desk or walk about the room)

3 Answers

The teacher should instruct from the front of the room, and then, when finished, walk about the room, offering advice and assistance to the students Less

In different zones, mostly in the power zone, i.e among the students focusing on what and how they are working. Less

Teacher should be back at their desk or walk about the room)

St. Theresa School

The school has fairly high academic achieves but we have some students who are tested at very low levels. -how can you teach these different levels in one class and reach your goals?

1 Answers

Set up several stations use differentiated instruction techniques to the lost student but also step up the lessons so as to provide a f Rich learning environment Kea for the remaining Ett Less

How I would deal with students who have a very low level of English literacy.

1 Answers

I said I would use other students to explain the problem to them

How do you handle unplanned activities and assemblies popping up in your schedule?

1 Answers

I'm flexible! You must be to live in Thailand.

Fusion Academy

Why do you know about fusion academy?

1 Answers

What I really said: A school that applies different learning techniques to different students by implementing a one on one teaching session to each student individually; therefore, ensuring the success of the students academics. What I though: A great idea driven to the ground my greed and corporate caring more about money than education. Overcharging parents to have underqualified, underpaid, and overworked teachers desperately attempt to convince themselves to leave despite their love for the students success, but end up realizing their own financial needs and happiness exceed the love to work in such a terrible system. Less

Oklahoma Christian School

How do you make decisions?

1 Answers

I carefully consider all the evidence available and then make a choice tentatively to see how it feels. If I feel at peace with the decision and its potential consequences, I move forward. Less

APU International School

The shocking thing was that the principle only asked me one question along the lines of “many of our classes have students with a wide range of English abilities, some very good, some OK, and a few at a low level. With this in mind, how would you approach teaching them Math?” After this ONE question, despite me being eager to sell myself, the interviewer rudely interrupted my response by answering his phone and telling the caller he’d be finished in ten minutes. Disrespectful beyond beleif”

1 Answers

“In these situations, one method I have found particularly helpful from my experience in similar positions, is to pair weaker level students with stronger ones. This has the benefit of giving the stronger student a feeling if importance, responsibility and the opportunity to deeper their understanding of the subject through teaching and supporting their weaker partners. It also benefits the weaker student as they have a partner they can help them fill in any gaps in understanding, and as a result gain more confidence over time.“ At this point the phone rang, i was in directly made aware that he’d be finished with me in only ten minutes. Despite welcoming more questions and trying ti encourage them, the principle instead talked about himself for the time remaining. For those of you that interpret his eagerness in emails to meet you as a positive, i’d suggest focusing your attention on other schools and not putting in a lot of effort, as I did. Evidently, it ended up being a complete of time and effort. However, if you love being disrespected and spending your time listen to the principle talk only about himself during your opportunity to sell yourself, youre in for a treat. Oh, he also adds a nice touch by telling you to email him to find out the result of the interview as clearly being direct and having the decency to inform candidates of their result is too much to ask. For those that care, ive never wasted my time writing negative reviews, but i feel obliged to encourage you to consider whether hes the type of principle youd want to work under. Time is our most valuable asset in life, and has so hesitation to waste it. Less

EMG Education

How would you manage a larger classroom, such as 20 or more students?

1 Answers

I would utilize group assignments to have students engage with each other, which would make it easier for myself to monitor the students in groups rather than individually. Less

Meridian Academy

Do you use textbooks?

Fusion Academy

You do look young, and that's a compliment... but most of our students are middle school/ high school, so how would you handle/make it clear where the boundaries are in your relationships with the students because you do want to be close with them because you are not only a teacher, but also a mentor?

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