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Mathematics Interview Questions

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Sort: Popular Date

“How much would you be willing to pay to join the following game? Start with 0 dollars on the table. You flip a fair-sided coin. If the coin is heads, I add another dollar, and you flip again. If...”

“You are the leader of a gang of n pirates who has just returned from a successful treasure hunt. You will make a suggestion about how to divide up the treasure and then a vote will be held. If you...”

“what would your friends say about you?”

“What if I place a cap D on the amount of money you can earn (alternatively, you can flip the coin up to D times)? Now, what is the amount of $ you are willing to pay to play this game?”

“I was asked about the Convex hull problem- a pretty famous Math/Computational problem that you can google it and find interesting solutions on it. But I had not heard of it before the interview and...”

“Mentally draw two lines from the endpoints of the diameter of a circle to any point on the circumference. Can you prove that the angle with vertex on the circumference will always be a right angle...”

“What is 6,342 x 8,575?”

“what is 5545 ÷ 1255”

“A completely preposterous proposition trying to make a connection between my yacht racing equipment design experience about how the stresses in the mast of a sailboat are like a cantilever beam.”

“What experience to do you have working in a lab such as this one?”

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