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What is your favorite financial statement and why.

3 Answers

Cash flow

Standard Model He expected future financial changes

10-K Let's just say he didn't like my answer.

prove your analytical skill

1 Answer

How many gallons of paint does it take to paint a 757? How would paint effect the aircraft?

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What are your top 3 weaknesses?

1 Answer

How would you assign the weight given 100 points among the following qualities: Process, Result, and Relationship.

Typical behavioral interview questions and discussion of past experiences.

I was taken through a case scenario about opening a store in a location and competing with other stores nearby, etc. I was in a hurry so if I said anything remotely correct, he stopped me, said I was right, and asked me another question.

The stastical theory behind yield curves, duration, negative convexity and other risk related items.

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