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Mba Interview Questions


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Mba Interview Questions

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Analyze the current market for a particular insurance product and come up with a suggestion as to enter or not enter this market (and if yes, how).

Your client is a children's hospital that is experiencing declining revenues. Why? What would you tell the CEO?

Management has asked you to launch 2 games from the same franchise in one year. One game is for the XBOX/PS3, the other is for the Wii. Management wants to know your launch strategy. How do you proceed?

Tell me about how you go about managing a project?

Do you see yourself as a generalist or a specialist?

Say we were considering opening a facility in a new country--what factors would you take into consideration?

Please tell us 3 strategies you would propose to the management team of company XYZ to improve their performance.

A case on what is the size of the domestic market for cell phones.

What do you expect to get out of this interview and what do you expect to put into it?

Should we launch a product in XYZ market? Why or Why not?

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