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mcdonalds manager Interview Questions

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Give me an example of difficult or failing project and how did you change the outcome. Give examples of the direction you had taken

1 Answer

I gave a project where the local jurisdiction was holding up permitting. I let him know who I recruited as a resource and all of the steps we had taken to get the permit in hand and what I did to get the project back on track

are you able to stand for

27 Answers

do u like to work

8 Answers

What i did on my free time?

8 Answers

Nothing difficult

7 Answers

i forget ask how much pay was &do i get payday Holliday?

7 Answers

Are your parents okay with you working here?

6 Answers

Why you think you should work with McDonald's ?

6 Answers

What days and hours are you available to work?

5 Answers

Are you still in school?

5 Answers
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