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Human Resources/Administrative Assistant was asked...June 7, 2012

How did you design a performance management system? And was it successful? Why or why not?

135 Answers

Sorry, I didn't mean to vote this comment down; It was a mistake and can only vote once. Thanks Less

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Hawkins Cookers Limited

You get to meet the real terror of Hawkins in the most pleasant way.

134 Answers

Anyone please tell me what is the pattern of written test. I have my written test on 1st june 2014. Less

logiacal reasoning, tax (excise), costing and simple english... test is managebale if u know the formulaes right and apply little logics. I hope that for accounts all are done. goodluck to others :) Less

I have applied for MT Mechanical, and Yes, i have received their email for GD on 17 Dec 2018. Can you tell me about the topics and interview experiences? Less

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Do you what a patent examiner does?

128 Answers

I had an interview for a ME position in the afternoon yesterday. They asked: 1)What areas are you interested in/minimum starting salary/earliest start date 2)Name a time when you were given a task with a short turnaround time 3)Name a time when you received constructive criticism 4)Name a time you were persuasive to a superior Less

was told by hr that we should know by tomorrow

when you spoke to HR, did she mean that HR received the selections and theyre getting back to the applicants or the applicants received their selections? Less

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O que te chamou atenção na EY?

119 Answers

Gente, as entrevistas com sócio/gerente/gestor são eliminatórias ou são apenas uma "formalidade"? Less

Acredito que todas as etapas são eliminatórias . Eu tbm , estou no aguardo na resposta da entrevista com gerente e sócio! Acho que ainda ninguém recebeu um posicionamento Less

Oi, gente! Fiz entrevista com o gerente sênior para Impostos no Rio e to aguardando retorno. Alguém já recebeu? Less

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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The first 6 questions were behavioral questions. The next 6 questions were situational. - What would you do if your co-worker wanted to fudge the mileage so you can stay overnight rather than having to drive back home? - Name a time you had to work with a difficult co-worker, what was the outcome.

114 Answers

Anyone else planning to or have applied for the spring cycle?

I'm planning on applying for the spring cycle. Have you applied yet?

I've applied, but I haven't taken the tests yet. I'll be applying in western district - LA and SF. What about you? Less

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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Some questions I have gathered from previous reviews: Tell us of a time you worked with a difficult person.   Describe an ethical hurdle you overcame   Tell me about a time you had to deal with change at a job or school and how did you overcome the challenge?   Described a difficult situation that you were in, and how did you resolve it ?  

111 Answers

I called and we should get results in about a week.

Not specifically. Each of the hypotheticals were situations you would face as an examiner and you just have to walk them through what you’d do. The Eastern district may be completely different, though Less

I GOT ON OFFER AHHHHHHHH This is for Central District

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Name a time you talked to a coworker about something technical that did not have a technical background.

110 Answers

I interviewed on 6/10 ME for Alexandria, I haven't heard anything since then and my status still referred. Did anyone heard from Alexandria?? Less

I just received my tentative offer via e-mail today. Here is my timeline for all those still waiting: 6/11 - Interview 7/23 - Selection e-mail 7/27 - Tentative offer via e-mail 10/26 - Proposed start date stated within TO e-mail. Note: This is for the GS-7 EE position. Good luck to those still waiting! Less

Anyone from 6/11 that was “selected” not get a tentative offer yet?? 😬

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Stanford University

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

104 Answers

It already happened, and Spiderman won. Why else do you think Batman has to wear his underpants on the outside? that was the losing bet... Less

This is an excellent question, not for the question itself but for the opportunity it opens to discuss the intrinsic value of such questions. If you are a comic book fan, you could of course raise such objections as "It's spelled 'Spider-Man', not Spiderman!" or "Batman is a DC intellectual property, whereas Spider-Man is a Marvel IP." Such precision of language is mandatory in the hard science fields, but arguably would benefit the softer sciences and arts as well - though there is always the danger of descending into the inevitable morass of jargonism as a result. But ultimately, that merely sidesteps having to answer the question itself. Or you could suspend your obsessive attention to detail and simply dive into the theoretical question itself, arguing in favor of either Spider-Man's raw physical strength, speed, and agility or in favor of Batman's brilliant and logical ability to negate, overcome, or exploit the weaknesses of villains far more powerful than himself. However, such comparative arguments will always run into the issue of subjectivism. There is simply no set of observable (though fictional) metrics that we can use to objectively assess which of the two superheroes would come out on top in a fair fight. What one *can* extract from this question is an interesting Case Study of cross-IP ventures between the two extant leading comic book publishers: Marvel and DC. Here, there are much clearer metrics: generated grassroots excitement in the social networking spaces and in print, online, radio, and television media. Sales of print and digital copies of such a crossover. Critic reviews and user based reviews. Overall profit. The lasting legacy of exerting some form of influence on pop culture and future comic book artists and writers, as well as the corporate strategy of comic book companies themselves. The Case Study itself will evolve depending on what question you deem most important is. Do you simply want to know whether cross-IP ventures are profitable or not? Do you want to measure marketing vs grassroots advertising effectiveness and reach in an effort to maximize the impact per dollar spent on advertising? Or do you want to tackle the more nebulous topic of the comic book battle's lasting legacy in pop culture and comic book fandom? The questions you're interested in define the metrics you'd be most interested in gathering. You can then discuss *how* exactly to measure each metric, what your data sources are, the accuracy and quality or veracity of such data sources, the cost of data gathering, and so on. Penultimately, such metrics would be next to pointless unless you also developed a model for cross-IP ventures. What are the variables associated with such a venture, and how would tweaking them affect the metrics outcomes? Perhaps you discover that anonymous seeding (or astroturfing) social networks has value as long as you don't exceed a certain threshhold and get caught, at which point it has a negative effect on your marketing campaign. Instead, you invest more in teasers and cleverly orchestrated and short vignettes, optimized for the chances to stimulate a viral response. All this is, of course, relevant to Medical Simulation. The creativity, the will to embark on novel scientific inquiries, the discipline of defining metrics, the analytical skill behind developing a working model of the entire enterprise, and the determination to refine all these with further investigation. Lastly, Batman of course. Strength of will and mental aptitude always trumps being able to shoot proteinaceous silk out your butt. Less

The publishing company.

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Bloomberg L.P.

A frog is at the bottom of a 30 meter well. Each day he summons enough energy for one 3 meter leap up the well. Exhausted, he then hangs there for the rest of the day. At night, while he is asleep, he slips 2 meters backwards. How many days does it take him to escape from the well?

105 Answers

Never....the frog would be dead by day 10 since nothing to eat or drink.

I agree -- it's 28...because on that morning, he'll be at 27 metres and he can jump to the top in one bound. Less

Assuming it doesn't die of starvation, the answer is 28 days.* start of day 1 (0 days elapsed): 0m --> 3m (then falls back 2m by start of day 2) start of day 2 (1 day elapsed): 1m --> 4m start of day 3 (2 days elapsed): 2m --> 5m ... start of day 28 (27 days elapsed): 27m --> 30m start of day 29 (28 days elapsed): 28m --> 31m In other words, 28 days will have elapsed before the frog can jump to a height exceeding 30m.* * This answer assumes the frog is not able to walk away after it hits 30m. I would assume it has no energy left to climb out based on the problem description. If the questioner disagrees with this assumption, then the answer is 27 days. Less

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How many cows are in Canada

94 Answers

Let me Google it

Zero. There are no 'cows' in 'canada'. Or I guess 0.25 since they share the letter c. Less

So by assuming cows are only used for milk production, the first two answers are already wrong. What about meat production? Less

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