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Estimate size of vehicles fleet in a large city

3 Answers

Tried to approach problem using bottom-up reasoning

This is a simple market-sizing question. Therefore you need to make assumptions on the numbers, for example... Assume large city = 5 million people Assume 60% own a car, the rest use public transport = 3 million people Assume 50% of these people work in an office = 1.5 million people Assume 10% of these people are middle to top mgt = 150K people Therefore size of the vehicles fleet in a large city = 3% of population of the city This is an example of how it can be done. They are not looking for the exact number! They won't to know how you you break a problem down.

"Define" large city to mean 10 million people+, but assume 10 million to keep the math feasible Assume that those living under the poverty line cannot afford cars - this takes 30% or 3 million people out of the running Out of the remaining 7 million people, assume that 30% are under 18 and another 20% are over 65 and thus are unlikely to drive a car themselves This leaves a potential car-owning population of 3.5 Million people Assume that there are 2 types of cities - ones with great public transport (e.g., NYC, San Francisco) and others with poor public transport (e.g., Dallas) In the former, only about 20% of the potential car-owning population is likely to hassle with owning a car, but in the latter 70% of the potential owners may opt for a car. Thus the range of cars that I'd expect to see in a city of 10 million is somewhere between 700K and 2.45M. Oh and by the way, I am assuming that this is a city with enough infrastructure (e.g., roads, parking, gas stations) to support cars for this many people.

How would you estimate the weight of a jumbo jet?

2 Answers

Describe a situation in which you resolved a personality conflict in the workplace.

2 Answers

Should one company purchase another company that is in a very different field?

2 Answers

Q. Please give us an example of a time where you had to have a tough conversation with a boss you saw was about to make a poor decision regarding a client, etc. Tell us what the issue was and how you brought it to them in conversation.

1 Answer

Q. What is it that the company does that you are interested in/what is it that McKinsey does?

1 Answer

Q. What excites you about this role?

1 Answer

What factors would you consider in addressing this client's issues?

1 Answer

Took a one-hour long math test.

1 Answer

Design stops for airplane

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