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Technical Questions: - What is stress? - What is strain? - What is Young's Modulus? or How are Stress and Strain related? - Draw the Stress and Stress curve (correctly and with labels. - Draw the S-N curve and explain where the ultimate stress is on that graph. - Interviewers displayed images of parts and asked what type of manufacturing processes can be used to make that part. - Analysis of an engineering drawing and asked if you know some specifics about some symbols. - Some natural frequency questions pertaining to strength of materials and weight, for example if this metal bar is less dense than this other bar, which one has the higher natural frequency. - Where is the maximum stress point on an cantilever beam with a specific force applied to it? - explain your design process when designing a door hinge - explain the process through a jet engine and its components Cultural questions: - Basic tell me about yourself. - They also asked explain a time when you exhibited __(One of the core values called pillars of quest) and how you went about it or demonstrated it.

About the past projects and learning.

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You have 3 light bulbs upstairs and 3 light switches downstairs but don't know which switch connects to witch bulb. How can you switch the bulbs once and then go upstairs and immediately know which switch belongs to which bulb?

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Why was I leaving my old company?

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If you are in a boat with a boulder and you drop that boulder into the lake how does the water level before and after you drop the boulder in the lake compar?

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What is the average airspeed of an un-laden swallow

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How do you react when you are going to be late getting something done for a team?

Asked about a problem I have solved and what I thought I could improve.

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Have you ever had a leadership role and how did you do it.

Typical entry level questions. Past projects that you worked, Knowledge about Design Software and also questions related to the end customer product line and the company history.

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