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Mechanical engineer iii Interview Questions


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how would you size a pump. what is your experience in design. what industrial projects have you worked on.

they asked me why I want to join Lam and what is my future plan for next 5 years. and some easy technical question

Describe a high pressure situation where your opinion conflicted with that of a colleague or a supervisor. How did you handle it?

The wheels on the curiosity rover are cracking earlier than expected, can you tell me from this photo where they are cracking and why?

Brush up on general knowledge outside of your discipline.

Example of a difficult engineering problem you solved and the steps you took to solve it.

Do you have experience evaluating risks? Describe a challenging situation you have experience in the past and how you overcome it.

be really careful on what you put in the resume, they will dig deep and ask you many questions about the fundamental of engineering

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