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There are two rooms - one has three light bulbs, the other has three switches. You can go to the room with the bulbs ones. How will you find out which switch turns on which light bulb.

3 Answers

turn two on. then turn one of them off and go to the room. you have one that's on, one that's hot and off and one that's off. there you go.

You disassemble the light fixture and re-wire all of the separate light circuits so that they all become parallel circuits. Now any switch in the other room can turn on all three bulbs.

You can't if your only allowed in the room with the bulbs.

Explain the most innovative idea or concept that you have implemented with limited use of resources

1 Answer

What experience would you bring to Flowserve?

1 Answer

One logic question, why is a manhole circular?

1 Answer

They gave me a section isometric view of a part and asked me to draw the top and side views.

1 Answer

Describe how an engine works?

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Tell us about yourself.

1 Answer

If hired by Toyota where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Tell me a time that you were working on a team and you came to a disagreement, how did you deal with it?

1 Answer

I was asked how I worked in team, how well I knew SolidWorks, and how usually deal with problems.

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