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He asked about 4-5 behavioral STAR questions; Name a time you worked successfully as part of a group, name a time you had to seek help from someone else, name a time you overcame something unexpected, name a time when you were forced to work in an uncomfortable situation or environment and asked a few follow ups for each one while taking notes. Pretty standard interview questions.

Tell me about a time you had to design, improve, or change something and how you tackled the problem.

Relate academic experience with the job you are applying for...

Technical questions, including reciting some essential engineering formulas. Both electrical and mechanical formulas were asked of me. They were all simple & straightforward, but good to brush up on them.

If you encountered a problem while working on a project in a team environment, how would you approach the solution?

There were no hard questions. The questions were very generic and ideal for the STAR interview method.

Name an experience where you had a problem working in a team

Describe what is moment of inertia (gives diagram)