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Software Engineer Media was asked...June 27, 2016

Media processing related questions, threading, algorithms and data structures.

1 Answers

all questions more or less easy for experienced software engineers. In my case I got stuck on tree related questions. Less


what is volatile? what is stack and heap and their difference? multi threading? hardware interrupts? array vs linked list? few questions about the project

1 Answers

Interview went very well, answered almost all the question.


There is an interview exclusively around Airbnb's core values and culture. These values can be found online.

1 Answers

The interviewer might ask you about a time when you demonstrated these core values. Less


TCP Socket coding challenge Class design question

1 Answers

-Solved coding challenge using NodeJS -Functional programming focus


"You have VP level positions listed on your resume. You may want to downplay those roles or change the titles", said the recruiter

1 Answers



Signed NDA, format is very similar to those already in glassdoor. If you study those questions, you will have a good idea of their expectations of their candidates. I recommend brushing up on OOP concepts and practice XP development processes.

1 Answers

Thanks for the feedback! We work hard to create a good candidate experience and appreciate you taking the time to let us know it was positive for you. All the best, Dana Less

McNicholas Construction

give an example of providing good customer service

1 Answers

a described a time I had helped a customer restore there computer system from backups. Less

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

"We are looking to start an Open Badge infrastructure for our new program. Are you familiar with Open Badges".

1 Answers

"I am familiar with them and have collected a few myself, but have never developed my own infrastructure. However, with my background graphic and web design, and my familiarity with similar web 2.0 tools, I would have no problem developing such a infrastructure for your program" Less


How would you troubleshoot a Venice that's having problems?

1 Answers

I explained that it was an extremely vague question, but I would follow the workflow and troubleshoot the various points of failure. Less


I have relatively very less experience with Windows, so basically all Windows questions were difficult for me ( although they might be basic ). For e.g. steps involved to promote a server to make it a domain controller etc.

1 Answers

dcpromo or windows 2012 -> use server manager and add ADDS role.

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