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Medical coder Interview Questions

"As a medical coder, you'll be responsible for processing patient data and recording corresponding medical codes. Employers are therefore looking for candidates who can perform repetitive clerical tasks without error. You may be asked to take a medical coding test to evaluate your ability to pay close attention to minor details and perform tasks meticulously. Your interviewer may also inquire about your experience working in different medical coding languages such as ICD-9 and ICD-10. Be aware that you must pass an exam administered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in order to become a professional medical coder."

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How would you handle an irate customer if there therapy wasn't going well or their insurance information was incorrect according to their plan?

4 Answers

By first finding the root of the question/cause so you can answer correctly or get the appropriate person to assist the patient; so there is no tine delayed because that just adds to the frustration and get it taken care of as quick as possible and always follow back up with the patient even if you didn't resolve it

Try to assist the patient and answer any questions and try to explain. How to correct issue.

First, asking the irate customer the exact problem he/she experienced. Secondly, looking into customer’s chart/ record to evaluate it’s situation. Thirdly, consulting the nurse/ supervisor/ doctor about it. Last, but not least in case of an insurance issue, calling the customer’s insurance agency to clarify & replace with the correct information.

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How did I handle feedback on coding projects.

1 Answer

What is your method of balancing competing priorities and meeting multiple projects?

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How many years experience in coding and if I had any ICD-10 training?

1 Answer

If I knew how to code diagnoses in ICD-9.

3 Answers

What factor or factors went into you wanting to leave your current employer?

2 Answers

Why should we hire you?

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Can you work remotely 20 hours minimum part time each week?

2 Answers

There were two (2) exams; one for ICD coding the other for Excel. Both were approximately 40 questions long. The coding exam was multiple choice. They took about an hour and a half to complete a one sitting.

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What experience do you have in coding?

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