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What could I do to improve business and customer satisfaction.

1 Answer

Listen to the customer first and repeat what they said, so you understand what the problem may really be.

Standard corporate questions. What are your strengths, weaknesses, teamwork acceptability, working on your own, able to make decisions.

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STAR method (google it for more info - important) Name a time you dealt with a customer under pressure? Name a time you had conflict with a team member, what did you do?

Tell me about a time you were able to improve procedures at a job without being asked to do so?

1 Answer

Name a time you worked as a team? Name a time you went above and beyond?

They asked me basic questions of how comfortable I was talking to patients. They also asked how I would deal with a patient who was upset with the product.

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Would you say you are a person who likes to stay in one position or would you like to move up through the company?

1)Why do you want to work for EGS?, 2)The job pays $10.00/hr, is that acceptable?, 3)The hours for the position are 8-4:30 M-F, can you meet that schedule?, 4)The hours for training are 7:30-(can't recall) and are for (?) wks, can you meet those requirements?, 5)If asked, can you pass a background and drug test? ( questions about my experience or anything about my abilities)

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