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Spire Healthcare
Medical Lab Assistant was asked...March 23, 2019

What do you know about this company

2 Answers

Learn a bit about the company

Am interested job on this company becose this is a best In 2008 Spire Healthcare won the Independent Healthcare Award for Best Healthcare Outcomes and followed this in 2009 with the Nursing Practice award for their approach to infection prevention and control. In 2010, Spire won the Nursing Practice award for the second year in succession, together with the award for Excellence in Risk Management. Spire won the Innovation Award in 2011, before going on to win the Medical Practice award in 2012 Less

St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust

Tell us a time you had to respond to an unexpected change

1 Answers

I used an example of a personal experience I had working in a microbiology diagnostic lab where I needed to adapt to a sudden change. I emphasised on the things I personally did and how this improved the lab workflow and quality of work in response to the change,. Less

BayCare Health System

flexable hours

1 Answers



If I could log onto their webiner and go over their quiz's and upload updated resume and watch videos and take test on how to work analyzer.

1 Answers

I complied and had all ready and submitted.

Health Services Laboratory

you have a sample to log and the phone rings and the senior biomedical scientist calls you as they need help what are you doing?

1 Answers

remember you are working in a team and can delegate roles

Do you have previous leadership experience?

1 Answers

Yes, head lifeguard


What do you know about histology? What strengths do you think you could bring to our team? What are the most important values you and those around you should possess? What lab experience do you have? What experience do you have working on your own and organising your own workload? What things are important for working in a team to make that team successful? Who is responsible for your actions?

1 Answers

for Question 3; make sure you talk about the NHS Values and how you relate to them. Less

Health Services Laboratory

Name an autoimmune disease

1 Answers

Rheumatoid arthritis - This is caused by inflammation and swelling of the synovium, causing accumulation of the synovial fluid leading to joint pain and swelling Less


Tell us about Your eduction and how that would suit this role?

1 Answers

Outlined education.

Surgery Partners

To elaborate on my medical background, explain which position I was interested in and if managing difficult patients was something I could deal with.

1 Answers

Truthfully..from early indoctrination of the hospital enviroment, dealing with sick and terminal patients, to providing at home end of life care for my parents. Less

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