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Caresouth Carolina
Medical Case Manager was asked...February 13, 2019

What makes you the ideal candidate for the position?

2 Answers

I started in the medical field. I went to William Carey School of N.

I am very compassionate, I have a lot of experience in HR and I learn very fast

Kentucky Marketing Solutions

What position are you applying for?

1 Answers

The position I was called in for does NOT exist!

Wright & Filippis

Standard corporate questions. What are your strengths, weaknesses, teamwork acceptability, working on your own, able to make decisions.

1 Answers


Was sind ihre persönlichen Wünsche und Vorstellungen für die Zukunft?

1 Answers

Erfahrungen zu sammeln und daran zu wachsen. Niemals „Stillstand“ zu erleiden aber insbesondere „Zufrieden„ zu sein -mit mir, meiner Umgebung und den Menschen die mich umgeben sowohl privat als auch geschäftlich. Less


Asked me about how I would organize and rewrite documents.

1 Answers

It was difficult because I didn't know what the problem was. I asked what the issues were. Then I was able to answer Less

US Air Force

Too many crazy people?

1 Answers



Do you plan to have children?!

1 Answers

No-we cannot have children!


About my management experience in the civilian and military worlds.

1 Answers

Explained everything from the fire department and pre-hospital leadership to my military time. I have twenty years in so many medical environments there was plenty to tell him but he honestly seemed so desperate to get someone into the role that he didn't really listen to my answers. Less

American Physician Institute

In respect to salary, they were unwilling to discuss where their budget ranged. They knew I had a great deal of experience, yet called me in only for me to realize they are a very low paying company and wasted my time giving me very little time to prepare for a last minute unprofessional interview.

1 Answers

They're only interested in hiring people they can pay the least for and get the most work out of. Less

Novo Nordisk

Everything under the sun!! GMAT quiz, personality test and then clinical trials discussion. It did not make any sense why they were asking GMAT quiz for a clinical role. Luckily, I had completed a GMAT test before and had qualified in this round to the stupid final round.

1 Answers

I ended up getting selected and was informed after 3 months. Bizzare process

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