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Why did you leave your last job?

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There are two tasks that are given, You will not be able to finish both of them by the deadline. What would you do?

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(THESE WERE QUESTIONS FROM THE SKILLS ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE) 1. A client comes in for a UA and during the collection process they begin to rant & rave negatively about their counselor and all of the things they don’t like about them. How would you handle this situation? 2. A client comes into the restroom to complete a UA and they become upset and refuse to remove their coat and any belongings in their pockets when you ask them to. How would you handle this situation? 3. A client is in the restroom and it’s very obvious to you as the collector that they are attempting to tamper with the test. Without knowing our policy, would you confront this person? If so, how would you confront the client? In the interview I was asked very basic questions during all three interviews although asked a few more in the in person interviews about my employment history, why I wanted to work there, what I know about Burlington Labs, what my favorite thing would be about working at Burlington Labs, etc.

General Interview Questions, How I would interact with patients, Strengths/Weakness etc.

How long had I worked in professional offices?

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Can you deal w/ the underpayment and slowness of the company?

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Tell me about your experience working in healthcare. Have you used Epic before? How would you handle a difficult situation with a co-worker (if a co-worker was not performing his/her job duties, what would you do?)

My past work experience

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What was something your coworkers would say about your faults from your previous job?