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Wellstar Health System
Medical Records Clerk was asked...February 23, 2016

Why did you wanted to be part of this team?

2 Answers

I would like to work with variety people and it was good to teach other to learn how to work with deaf worker everyday Less

I would like to work with variety people and it was good to teach other to learn how to work with deaf worker everyday. Less

Hoag Memorial Hospital

How would you deal with an angry customer?

1 Answers

I would listen to the customer and show compassion to let them know that what they are saying is important and they are being heard. Less


What type of filing system was used in my current job?

1 Answers

I described the terminal digit filing process.

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The interview is all based on your experiences and what they expect from you on the job. Most unexpected question: "What are the parts of a medical records file?" The HIPPA / HITECH testing is pretty long, about 2-3 hours on the computer.

4 Answers

You'll need to be famiiar with an old fashioned paper chart!

It would have. Important information like the patients name , addeess, phone number, medical historu and the physician notes etc Less

Patients name address , date of birth,phone etc..the medical history and the nurse or physicians notes etc Less

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1. Tell me the reason(s) you want to leave your current position? 2. Based on the position described, what skills do you possess that would make an immediate impact if you were hired?

3 Answers

I’m currently not working at the moment

In my past experience what I’ve learned and accomplished and my job journeys can benefit me to my advantage for my new position with my employees what I’ve learned and what I can share to bring to the table to health and may assess my job easy to Less

I’m looking for a job with more pay


Am i willing to travel

3 Answers

Yes, i am



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describe parts of a medical record

2 Answers

Parts of the medical record are Demographics, vital signs, diagnosis, medications, lab results, treatment plan, and radiology images. also shot records,and allergies. Less

diagnosis treatment, hx, BP, heart rate, pulse, weight. height. length of vst, est, new etc... Less

DM Dickason

What kind of job are you seeking?

2 Answers

Medical records, clerical, data entry.

I am looking for a job as a certified phlebotomy technician

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Describe the parts of a medical record

2 Answers

Basic parts for clinics are: Demographics/ Insurance; Correspondence; Xray; Labs; Procedures; Progress Notes; Messages; Rx; Consults; Hospital; Other Chart organization is highly subjective! Less

There are so many different variations of the record I can't remember what I said but if anyone has any issues with that can always Google the question Less

LifePoint Health

We only pay 8.50 an hour for this position, is that ok?

2 Answers

There's not many opportunities in our area. I guess it has to be for now.

Yes,that is reasonable pay in the area I live in.

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