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Name the different sections of the medical record.

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I was only able to name a few sections.

How have you worked with the medical record?

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The interview is all based on your experiences and what they expect from you on the job. Most unexpected question: "What are the parts of a medical records file?" The HIPPA / HITECH testing is pretty long, about 2-3 hours on the computer.

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I think the most difficult question that I got was to describe an incident where I had a conflict with a previous boss, where I was right and they were wrong and then how I handled it.

What is you experience with medical records? Performing an audit what did you have to retrieve in the process?

Recruiter asks what EMR software you are familiar with. Also asks what is the difference between Copy/Paste Cut/Copy and computer things like that. Where to find documents and control panel on your computer. Looking for answers like the "start" button. They want to make sure your are computer savy. Don't seem to care about your past job history, just if you have a decent car and if you know how to work a computer. They ask if you have a reliable car and if you can carry 45 pounds. Their computer case looks more like you are carrying gold from fort knox. So unnecessary to have to lug that big case around. Doesn't even fit in the areas of the providers offices you are going to.

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What kind of work have you done that fits with the position you are applying for?

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