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Medical Sales Representative Interview Questions

"As a medical sales representative, you'll use your persuasive communication skills to sell pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals. As with any salesperson, employers are looking for candidates who can confidently discuss their products, close deals, and provide excellent customer service. In preparation for an interview, make sure to familiarize yourself with the types of medical devices and prescription drugs the company provides. Come prepared to sell your interviewer a product and role-play a scenario with a hesitant customer."

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Length of time calling on customers in the market they were hiring?

If you could describe sales in one word what would it be?

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If selected, what I was going to contribute most?

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Mainly situation type questions. Asked to explain your experiences in different scenarios.. Tell me a time when you had to try different techniques to close business and what did you do..?

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Do to the lack of respect of the interview, I asked what was the turn over rate within the company

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Do you have any questions for this role?

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I worked a few jobs and had 2 degrees at the time (science), finishing a third in education. Their main concern was how I could guarantee I'd stay since it takes months and money to train me to be a novice, that the work/life balance is heavily leaning to work and why am I acceptable for this job.

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