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Medical social worker Interview Questions

"Medical social workers utilize their service-oriented, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills to guide their patients through illness to recovery. Employers will use interviews to mostly learn about what motivates you to assist others and what your past experiences were like. In addition, you may be asked to describe how you handle difficult patients and situations under pressure. Come prepared to show off your dedication to providing top-notch support regardless of the circumstance."

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Why do you want to work in the HIV/ADS population?

3 Answers

My passion is to serve vulnerable populations.

Hiv / Aids peoples are avoid in this society. I like takecare of these peolpes. I like patients giving care.

I have a lot of experience working with the community. I’m familiar with this type of population and would like to continue working helping the community from different programs.

How would you handle conflict with a co-worker? What would you do?

1 Answer

How has a treatment plan changed during the course of my medical support services for a patient? Why did it change and did my work have any contribution to the treatment plan change?

1 Answer

Why the interest in PVHMC and why an interest to work there.

4 Answers

Why was I especially interested in home health care, as opposed to other types of social work?

1 Answer

Are you comfortable with death. Philosophy about death. Experiences with death. Can I be a team player?

1 Answer

What I'd liked about previous, similar jobs. Asked whether I'd be willing to supervise another social worker, who was a recent graduate.

1 Answer

Can you be flexible working between 2 locations.

1 Answer

What do you do for self-care?

1 Answer

What was one of the most difficult bioethical cases you have had to deal with?

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