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Typical Android Layouts (What's the best way to lay element vertically etc.). Android Lifecycle. LinkedList vs Arrays.

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I guess the answer to the first question would be listView? Or if is supposed to be a layout, LinearLayout would be my solution.

Yes, the answer is (obviously) a Vertical LinearLayout. I had a bit of a brain fart and called it a Linear ListView, which is incorrect.

Hello Michael, Have you been in a FB's interview before?

What does ORM mean? What are the advantages of using an ORM? What are some commercially available ORMs?

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How would I approach a legacy system?

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What is unit testing? How do I go about writing a unit test? Do I focus a unit test on a class or a method? Would I write one or more tests per method? What are some unit testing frameworks?

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What is Dependency Injection? How would I go about using it in "day to day programming"?

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When I have a legacy method and need to change it, how would I do that? How do I make sure that I don't break anything?

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None really, With the large number of good sales people they have seen thus far the interview seemed to be nothing more than a free information gathering session on the local landscape for their benefit rather than a job interview.

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None, questions were straightforward and the technical consultant who conducted the interview was only focusing on the specific areas like JMS, Glassfish, Gradle and JSF

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Describe a time you had difficulty working with a co-worker and how you resolved the problem.

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The code debugging part of the technical interview was difficult because it was their code base which I was not familiar with and they were in the room the whole time, constantly asking me what I was thinking. It wasn't a true test of someone's debugging ability.

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