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Java Developer Interview Questions in Melbourne

"Junior developers are often responsible for writing the more monotonous and simple code required by senior members of the development team. Because of this, interviews will be designed to test your knowledge of the fundamentals of Java so be prepared to answer technical questions that you likely came across in college. Data structures and algorithms will be heavily emphasised. A bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience is required. "

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What does ORM mean? What are the advantages of using an ORM? What are some commercially available ORMs?

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Object-Relational Mapping. Advantages: Lets the devloper deal with objects in the business domain instead of database tables (relations). Manages connection and possibly transactions. Some ORMs can abstract from the relational model and span several different data sources, including files or XML, or connect to different DB servers, abstracting from the particular query language used. If working with an IDE, having the relational model as an object model can provide syntax help (like Visual Studio's IntelliSense). Unfortunately, I have seen in several projects how at the end of the project, when deployment is on its way and real-world performance becomes an issue, that developers start to circumvent the ORM and write native SQL. Recently I heard the opinion "ORMs considered harmful", so I'm not a totally convinced proponent of ORMs. Example ORMs (from the .Net world): nHibernate, LinQ to SQL, Entity Framework. And of course everything here:

How would I approach a legacy system?

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What is unit testing? How do I go about writing a unit test? Do I focus a unit test on a class or a method? Would I write one or more tests per method? What are some unit testing frameworks?

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What is Dependency Injection? How would I go about using it in "day to day programming"?

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When I have a legacy method and need to change it, how would I do that? How do I make sure that I don't break anything?

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None, questions were straightforward and the technical consultant who conducted the interview was only focusing on the specific areas like JMS, Glassfish, Gradle and JSF

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Telephonic Interview was conducted by one of the two recruiters( since i mentioned it was outsourced to a recruiter who again outsourced it to another agency) Explain your experience - recent project, Exception handling in REST API, Defect Management - How do you prioritize bugs, Types of testing. Your experience with Agile scrum methodologies Advantages/Disadvantages of spring boot, what is spring boot. have you used any CI tools like bamboo, Jenkins Any experience with cloud services(AWS) How you go about building a REST API from scratch What are the testing methods you use for REST API Qualities of a good team member. B2B webservices

Video Conference questions: 1. Behavioral Interview Questions. Experience when you had difficulty with a co-worker How do you overcome a difficult situation.. when you took the initiative in solving a problem etc. 2. Technical Questions What is Spring Boot? Adv/Disadv What is Spring Interceptor Immutable classes in java Exception handling in REST API Deployment strategies you have used in previous projects Scopes of a Spring Bean Default scope of spring bean is singleton? HTTP status Codes Auth & Security in REST API Logging configuration what are spring boot starters. explain few examples Spring actuator

Face to face interview - [Case study - group programming - coding/technical test ] Complete a partially completed REST API - the rest api consumes response from another rest api and produces a modified json response. Write appropriate logger statements, exception handling - adding the correct annotations(@controlleradvice and @exception handling) , calling the appropriate public methods and passing the right arguments in the public method of the custom exception class, Integrate with another REST API - using rest template to connect to another rest api and get the response and Object mapping (map the response object from other rest api to the response object of your api), Tools used - InteliJ, Swagger. you are allowed to google

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Technical test based on oped questions, "qualities of a good team member"