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Project Coordinator Interview Questions in Melbourne

"Employers hiring project coordinators are looking for candidates with the organizational skills and communication abilities to oversee project logistics. Duties may include coordinating meetings, updating project schedules, training staff, and ensuring that important information is relayed to the right people. Expect to answer questions that will assess your ability to solve problems, streamline project workflow, and excel on a team. Any experience using project management software is a plus."

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• Tell me about yourself especially recent two years of experience.

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Work in Engro foods Pakistan in HFO department ( power house)as circle leader mechanical maintenance last 3.5 years

Work as circle leader mechanical maintenance in HFO power house in Engro foods Pakistan

• Out of few jobs, which job did you like the most? Why?

• Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

• How do you respond to the failure? What do you do to ensure that your disappointment does not affect the other team members?

• Did you involved with designing of solar panels in your previous role? • What do you bring to this position? • How would you feel if the work environment is more hectic? • Describe the time when you were dealing with hectic schedules? • How did you determine your success? • How do you define yourself in four words, as a person? • Tell me about the time when you are dealing with external stakeholders and you got it right? • How do you respond the situation when project is delayed because of slackness of other team who is not under control of you? • How do you influence the decision of the others? Tell me about the time when you have influenced the decision of other stakeholders and convinced them?

• Tell me about the time when you had multiple priorities and how did you manage it?

• How did you managed when different people have their own top urgent priorities?

• Which is your favourite manager? What kind of leadership do you like?

• Do you like to work individually or in a team?