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Senior Consultant Interview Questions in Melbourne


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Standard background and behavioural questions. I loved the case study and presentation component and think that's a great way to determine a prospective employee's skill set. Likewise, it's good for the candidate to get an idea of what the work is like.

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Thank you! Great to hear that you had such a positive experience. We like to ensure that through your recruitment experience, you get to know us, our business, culture and people as much as we like to get to you know you.

How does Organisational Goals align to your day to day work in previous roles

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Your background, few technical questions, behavioral and cultural "fit" questions

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How I would manage clients expectations in the event of project overruns.

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Experience and salary expectations

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Why Deloitte?

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They let you take the charge in the elevator pitch, maybe asking 1 or 2 questions off your CV. The case they left us alone for 30 - 40 minutes to prepare a presentation about an IT issue a company was facing, loads of information that was hard to get through so make sure you break it up between all of you. Then lastly a solo case, again left alone to prepare a presentation to the partner with about 40 mins to make a powerpoint. I was told at the end of the partner interview they would love to have me but they have no jobs. I felt quite deflated as I wasted so much time through this whole process. Seems a waste of their time too to interview with no jobs available! I even offered to move interstate...

Give an example of how you handled interpersonal conflict in a team

Whats are the different types of dimensional model?

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My interest in the bank/opportunity; career highlights; relevant career experiences & some competency based questions. Case Study with a presentation - review of data to present insights, questions & solutions.