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Senior Software Developer Interview Questions in Melbourne, Australia


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How would you handle an opinion clash with your team members or lead?

give you a file with data, design a software that can provide certain outputs

the classic questions of 2005 era

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solve a live coding challenge in one hour using C# and visual studio. Free to use google.

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** Phone interview behaviour Questions - What do you know about Envato? - How do you feel about company diversity? - Why did you choose to apply to Envato ? Technical questions: - How would you implement Continuous Delivery? And would it require Service down time? - Given a blog website, how would you organise its data elements in a relational database given that there should be, Auhors, Blogged Messages, Comments on the Blog messages, both blogs and comments have authors and blogs can be authored by multiple people. ** On site interview Part 1 A - given two integer arrays, create a sudo-code procedure which produces a third array with the common numbers from the first two arrays. B - How would you optimise the code produced? this is where I was walked through a better way to write the same function with the interviewers giving guidance on how to optimise the solution Part 2 this part was focused on my background and on exploring my knowledge of Envato and some aspects of What do you know about envato? What are the setbacks of the Scrum methodology?

- More on project technical details - How would you find balance between design and customer requirement ?

What is your role. What did you contribute in current job. How you handle mistakes from colleagues.