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Engineer Interview Questions in Melville, NY

Engineer Interview Questions in Melville, NY

Engineers are responsible for designing and building products. In an interview context, expect to be quizzed on your technical skills, and also evaluated for your ability to work as a part of a team to get things built. The specific questions you are asked will depend on what type of engineering position you are looking for. Try a specific engineering discipline, such as software engineer, electrical engineer, or mechanical engineer.

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Do you know MS SQL Server 2008?

1 Answer


Are you a Yankee Fan or Met Fan?

2 Answers

What are some common HTTP status codes?

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Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? What are your career goals? Why did you decided to go for your masters full-time? What aspect of Env. Eng. interests you the most?

1. What are the different between final, finally, and finalize? 2. What are the different between overloading and overriding? 3. What design pattern have you worked on? 4. What is interface ? abstract class? 5. What is threading in Java? 6. what is default accessing modifier?

Tell me about a time where you made a mistake. How did you fix it, and what lessons did you learn from it?

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How many years have you worked with XXX technology?

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