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Arrow Electronics
Entry Level Staff Accountant was asked...February 12, 2012

What is an accrual?

3 Answers

Revenues and expenses are recorded when earned; not received or paid.

Is an accounting method

An adjustment to either 1) record revenue earned but not yet recorded or 2) record expenses that have been incurred but not yet recorded Less

Clark Schaefer Hackett

When you're under a lot of pressure and tight deadlines, how do you manage your stress level?

2 Answers

I always try to have a positive mindset. Things are only as bad as you build them up to be in your head. I am not the type to get stressed out because I know I'll get through whatever obstacle is thrown my way. Things always seem to fall into place when you stay focused, determined, and positive about the final outcome. Less

For the past five years I have been living with my very beautiful girlfriend who is twenty-five years younger than I am (I’m 55 yo and she is 30 yo). I let her de stress me the way she knows best :). Less

TPM Staffing Services

What are some of the skills that you would use to excel in this role?

1 Answers

I spoke about different skills that were on my résumé that were applicable to this role. Less

CADCO Architects & Engineers

What programs are you proficient in?

1 Answers

I listed the design/office related programs I am proficient in.

Kearney & Company

Name the 4 most important financial statements and their uses.

1 Answers

Balance Sheet-data about available resources as well as the claims to those resources Income Statement-data about the profitability of the company detailing sources of revenue and the expenses which reduce profit Cash Flows- illustrates the inflow and outflow of cash within the business. It shows where the cash comes from into the company, and how it’s used Statement of Retains Earnings-focuses on changes in retained earnings Less

Staffing Network

How do you manage stress?

1 Answers

Any time I find myself unders stress I take a break away from my desk and try to think in the best ways to resolve the problem. Less

National Futures Association

Tell me about a time when you struggled and how you overcame it.

1 Answers

Make it a truthful answer. The bigger success, the better. Just make sure you sound modest while talking about it. You can buy a book or go to the library and to get a broad range of solid answers. Less


How would you go about solving a complex problem that you didn't know how to do?

1 Answers

First, do a research of what are the points that make up the conflict overall. Then how those issues affect the company. Finally, what options you have for solving the problem and which solution will benefit the most. Less


Tell me something about yourself?

16 Answers

My name is lavanya In saidapet chennai I completed my 12th standard in k.h.s.s now I'm pursuing Bsc hotel management 2018 march completed . And my height is 169 cm my skin tone is white. And my hobby is reading book and love to do yoga . My strength is flexible in nature. And language know english , telugu,tamil, this languages are fluency hind is I can manage .. Thankyou this is about me Less

Iam sundar I have six years experience in safety filed before I'm working in Saudi Arabia ministry of health aseer central hospital assistant safety officer my contact number(917550232012) Less

I got a call and interview through call and online test

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Why do you want to work for Safeway?

14 Answers

The hallmark of all customer service is meeting expectations, and then exceeding them with a commitment to excellence. The customer wants you to meet their expectations of service, that this can only be achieved if you, as leader, are ensuring this. You are always observing, correcting, coaching, this proper way of service. You must instill in your crew the understanding that we are honored that you the customer selected us to serve you. That this translates to a desire to be a customer advocate. That this advocacy is a charge to do your utmost to ensure the best service, price and outcome. That service is in the end expectations, meeting them or if need be resetting the expectations so the customer is kept informed of the expected time of completion or outcome. That issues arising from insurance, out of stock, or any delay that needs to be communicated to the customer. This communication to customer is critical in resetting expectations which ensure the desired outcome of a happy customer. Less

Organizational Skills company budget payroll inventory Avoid loss of inventory thru out of dates Keep the accurate file for schedule 2 File the RX according to the roll and regulation And so on… Less

Enthusiasm Once you enter the store, your focus should be on your job with enthusiasm, positive attitude, and happiness. This type of attitude will allow you to have a great day dealing with your co-workers, pharmacy staff, previous patients and new patients. Phrases such as, good morning, you’re appreciated, please, thank you, and you’re welcome are very important to tell the staff. Every time you hand prescriptions to the patients you should wish they are feeling better after they are using the medicine. Less

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