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Member Service Representative was asked...June 25, 2015

If a snail was climbing a submarine that was 30 ft tall and could climb five feet per day, but would loose three feet at the end of every night, how many days would it take him to reach the other side?

7 Answers

The answer is 14 days.

Agreed, 14 days as Dylan said. It would take 14 days, 13 nights. After 13 nights, the snail would have traveled 26 feet. Throughout the 14th day, the snail would have traveled up the extra 5 feet, for a total of 31ft Less

The answer is 22 days. Using the prior answerers correct circular calculation: "A most submarines are basically circular, so you would have to calculate the circumference of the submarine first, then determine half of the diameter, and that is how far it would have to climb, provided that it is starting at the very bottom. If the diameter is 30 feet, to find the circumference, we multiply the diameter by pi (3.14), then divide by two to get the distance the snail would travel (47.1 ft), " We get the most accurate measure short of using calculus that will approximate the length of the side of a circular submarine whose height is 30 ft. Rather than perform the simple arithmetic of dividing by 2 we know that the snail is not going to continue dropping after it has reached the top. Therefore at the end of the 21st day we can see that the snail will reach 45 ft by assuming 2 feet every night and day combined for 20 periods plus 5 ft more for day 21 [(5-3)*20+5)=45]. The snail is still 2.1 feet short of its goal before sliding back 3 ft that night. Then on the 22nd day the snail starts at 42 feet. At the end of the day he will get to 47 feet. You may say that with .1 ft to go the snail will not have reached its goal and will need part of another day to summit the submarine. Its a fair assumption and hard to argue with. In that case you would say the answer is 23.62 days ([(5ft-3ft)*23days+3.1ft/5ft per day)=47.1 days. I prefer to assume that the snail will see that the end is near and cross the last .1 ft at the end of the 22nd day knowing that the reward for a little extra effort is going to be a night's sleep to avoid the significant loss of 3 ft that night. Who stops for the night when the goal is right there to be had with a little extra effort? I wouldn't. The importance of this question is not necessarily which "final" measurement in days is selected but on how logical (and possibly how creative) the thought process, assumptions and conclusion are. There is no "right" answer to this question. A question such as this may be used to determine attributes such as the ability to work and think under pressure, intellect, attention to detail, creativity, and ability to communicate. Less

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BJ's Wholesale Club

Are Available For Weekend?

2 Answers

I said No. Feedback: They should understand that not everybody is gonna be available on weekends and this is why they should truly hire a separate weekend crew!!! Less

I am in Pensacola FL

Navy Federal Credit Union

Why should I buy this pen over this pencil?

2 Answers

The world of numbers tend to address "what if" scenarios. A pencil offers the opportunity to erase while preserving a neat presentation. Economically speaking it normally is a much better financial purchase and people have a tendency not to walk off with your pencil. However, ink provides a permanent signature or details that have been agreed upon. No going back to modify the final document(s). Scanning ink works much better than the faint image of pencil. And, of course the pen delivers a status of professionalism to the owner. Come to think of it - never heard the statement in a seminar "The Pencil is mightier that the sword." Time to look for that perfect pen - and now to ponder what size point and what color ink. Less

I'll buy the pen over the pencil because the pen also has a pencil feature. Buying two birds with one stone. Less

Navy Federal Credit Union

Behavioral questions such as, "What would you do if . . . " Questions asked on previous work experience within the financial industry.

2 Answers

How difficult is it to change jobs?

Gave real life examples. They hyped the job of Member Services Representative to be something much more elaborate than what it is. They hyped how easy it is to change jobs within the company during the interview, which couldn't be further from the truth. Less

Molina Healthcare

How did you handle a difficult situation that needed customer service right away?

1 Answers

There are many difficult situations working in Member Services but the answer is to use all of your resources to the best of your ability. Make the necessary phone calls to get the answers you need. Less

Oscar Health

A member calls saying he/she has an appointment with an out of network doctor and is adamant about only seeing this doctor. How would you deal with member?

2 Answers

Acknowledge: let the member know that you understand what they are asking for. Repeat their request. Then follow up with questions to get more information. Have you been to that doctor before? Do you have a history with them? Are they a specialist that is an expert in something you need help with? Align: make sure that once you have the above information, they know that you understand what their concerns are and that you are on their side. Repeat the details of what you learned, and add affirming statements such as, “because [insert info from above] you feel like you are going to get better care.” In this way they know that you are aligned with their goals. Assure: now that you have a better understanding, and they know that you are on the same page as them, assure them that you will do everything in your power to help. This may mean discussing payment options that might be a bit more expensive or discovering peers in net work that are cheaper. The point being that you will work hard to explore all the options available, so that they can make the best decision possible for themselves. Less

Offer member to see another doctor who is in network and has good ratings.

Navy Federal Credit Union

which is more importanr, members leaving satisfied or the policy?

2 Answers

Hello did you get hired because of the credit? I have poor credit due to financial difficulties. Idk if even have a chance. Less

of course its the members leavj ing satisfied.


Have you ever dealt with a customer who did not want the services and ended up convincing them of signing up? If so how did you do it?

2 Answers

I sell myself

By having them convince them self

Navy Federal Credit Union

Typical STAR format

2 Answers

Come prepared with scenarios which show your willingness to learn, show you are not perfect, provided outstanding service, and truly care about the well-being of clients. Less

Hello did they do a credit check? I am having a interview next week.

Call Federal Credit Union

There weren't many difficult or challenging questions really. It was pretty easy to skate around the interview questions if need be.

2 Answers

What did the interview process consist of? Are there any background checks, credit checks? After the interview, what all is done next? Less

The interview process includes an assessment, phone screen, credit check, face to face interview and background check. Less

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