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If a snail was climbing a submarine that was 30 ft tall and could climb five feet per day, but would loose three feet at the end of every night, how many days would it take him to reach the other side?

8 Answers

The answer is 14 days.

15 days. 5ft-3ft=2ft per day. 30ft/2ft=15

Agreed, 14 days as Dylan said. It would take 14 days, 13 nights. After 13 nights, the snail would have traveled 26 feet. Throughout the 14th day, the snail would have traveled up the extra 5 feet, for a total of 31ft

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How did you handle a difficult situation that needed customer service right away?

1 Answer

Behavioral questions such as, "What would you do if . . . " Questions asked on previous work experience within the financial industry.

2 Answers

Why should I buy this pen over this pencil?

2 Answers

Are Available For Weekend?

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A member calls saying he/she has an appointment with an out of network doctor and is adamant about only seeing this doctor. How would you deal with member?

2 Answers

which is more importanr, members leaving satisfied or the policy?

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How much experience with customers do you have?

1 Answer

I always dread the 'So tell me about yourself". Just because at the time I had no industry experience whatsoever.

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Q: Where did I receive my education.

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