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Project Coordinator Interview Questions in Memphis, TN

"Employers hiring project coordinators are looking for candidates with the organizational skills and communication abilities to oversee project logistics. Duties may include coordinating meetings, updating project schedules, training staff, and ensuring that important information is relayed to the right people. Expect to answer questions that will assess your ability to solve problems, streamline project workflow, and excel on a team. Any experience using project management software is a plus."

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How would I handle a situation if I had a insubordinate associate, who wasn't following the safety guidelines for operating forklift equipment?

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First and foremost I need to know company guidelines for reprimanding and resolving the issue and of course following that standard accordingly. Secondly, making the associate aware in person (1 on 1) that he/she has committed a safety violation and what the outcome will be if someone or something is injured. Next, warning the associate of what action will be taken if he/she is observed in the same act. Finally, making sure everything is clarified and understood and documenting that offense for record-sake.

Do you prefer individual or team work environments

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Describe both a positive and negative supervisory experience and how you handled it.

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You've received your Bachelor's Degree, right? When. I gave my answer and she said oh yeah I see that on your resume. What school did you attend? What was your GPA? You're going to school for your Master's too... What school? When are you expected to graduate? No behavioral questions as I expected. My second interviewer asked the same questions as the HR representative.

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