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They will ask you at the end if you would tell if you saw someone stealing.

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I made the mistake of telling them how I feel about being a rat and I think I wont get the job for doing that.

I have an interview for the same position on 5/1/17. Did you have to do a 45 minute assessment? I really want this job. Any thing you can clue me in on would be great

What causes you to feel stress or anxiety and how do you deal with it?

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How is the inner adhesion potential generally taken into account in the Lennard Jones models?

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The questions were about the Design, FEM and testing procedure for the MEMS and Gyroscope devices!

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What were my long term goals and ambitions, how long did I see myself being at Chiptole, was I committed to Chipotle as person.

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I was asked about some power management circuit I conducted in one of my graduate courses. The interviewer seemed to be very interested in the circuit of mine, which is an energy harvesting circuit that contains charge pump, pulse generator and voltage comparators, He asked several questions about it such as how we overcome the problems of unstable Vdd, low ref voltage, .ow input,etc. He was also interested in whether my teammates and I had a harmonic cooperating experience during the project was ongoing.

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MEMS basics (dynamics and operation), IC circuitry, PLL, experience on projects, troubleshooting problems, Characterization techniques

Any comment on your own opinions about product and related research experience.

What is the ration between the length of Longitudinal Acoustic Resonator and its frequency

Mainly about my past experiences, questions about my seminar, theory questions, SPC questions, scenario-based questions. - How do the frequency, stiffness, etc of a cantilever change .. - Cp, Cpk, Std Dev, questions - Thin-film processing and characterization questions - Si dry etch questions, control variables of RIE - MEMS device questions, what could cause a sealed MEMS actuator to not work properly, how does the process impact the yield ...

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