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What are the biggest accomplishments you have had in your current position?

How my previous experience in the field would benefit me in this role.

There were no difficult questions. It was by far the easiest interview I have ver had.

Named me a time you where challenged and what steps did you take to over come it? Tell me about yourself so we can get to know you better? Tell me something you haven't said about yourself or is not on your resume? What do you thing is the most important thing of this job? What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? How do you measure success? How would you deal with a task given to you in short notice? How would you deal with a person (co-worker or patient) that is being disrespectful or is making people uncomfortable? How well do you work under pressure? How many times have you been late or called in at your last or current job?

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What is autism spectrum disorder?

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What would you do if a client asks to be your friend on social media?

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The most difficult part of the interview was that the interviewer hardly asked me any questions. Aside from the initial question "what interests you in mental health", the remainder of the interview was not focused in the traditional sense of question/answer type of experience.

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