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Merchandise Execution Manager Interview Questions


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Describe a time that you've disagreed with the decision your manager has made and how you approached them to resolve the issue.

How did you improve the moral of the team you took over at your last promotion?

Describe a time when you've been tasked with multiple responsiblities and you needed to complete all of them in a timely manner. How did you prioritize?

What in your experience qualifies you for position? How do you motivate a team? How do you resole conflicts? How do you accomplish multiple tasks with limited time to complete?

None of the questions were all that difficult. Remembering to include specific tangible results for each story was sometimes a challenge. "How did you manage a task or project where you were given few instructions?" I answered with a story about setting a display in a different fashion than had previously been done. The result was a much cleaner looking display with out big shelving units allowing the merchandise to be moved around easier as it sold through.