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This is a dangerous job and you may have to carry large quantities of valuables or cash. You are risking your life, How do you feel about that.

1 Answer

Do not act like you have no fear of death because honestly everyone does, and if you don't, they do not want anyone who is suicidal or that is going to cause a liability for the company. However if you act terrified you wont get the job either. The best advice is to calmly say that you will rely on your training and intuition and that you have the confidence that you will be able to overcome and compose yourself in any situation that you encounter.

I need to replace people!

1 Answer

No difficult questions, the recruiter was straight forward about the expectations etc...

Do you have a criminal/drug/driving/mental health record?

1 Answer

Do you have any problems working outside (snow, rain, et cetera)? This position involves going in and out of vehicles all day.

Something along the lines of how would you deal with sickly/ill persons on the job

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