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Do you have any kids?

2 Answers

I'm pretty sure this question is illegal to ask in a job interview. As far as I'm aware questions about age, marital and family status are off limits.

They can and do ask anything they da#n well please at the restaurant the night before the official interview. All is fair in love and war, and this is not love. They still eat dirt either way.

Tell me a situation where your "customer" was not satisfied, and how did you go about it?

1 Answer

Tell me a time where people were reluctant to follow your idea

1 Answer

technical questions about how well i knew the process

What do you know about Freeport? Why do you have interest in this mining industry? What made you to select this stream of education? Tell me about past internship experiences? What challenges did you face there? How did you tackle those Challenges? Tell me of a situation when you saw safety being harmed and how did you correct it? Tell me about a situation when you were leader of a group, and saw one of the members not working properly? Did you confront him?

Situation, Task, Action, Result. (STAR) Make sure you can have situations which you can talk about.

Q: What was a decision you made that had a positive impact.

Interview started with basic question about me followed by technical question about metallurgical filed more focused towards mineral processing.

What was the difference between brazing and welding?

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