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When can you start?

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Tell me of a time when two employees had a conflict that you resolved.

The company needs to award certain project contracts to external parties but the union maintains these services can be performed by union members and therefore not allowed to be externally contracted. The union agreement is gray in this area but the current members do not have the skills to perform the needed services. The union says it will file grievances and take the case to an arbitor for resolution. Time is of the essence. What would you recommend we do?

What was one time when you got an idea from someone else and used it? Did it work? And did you give credit to the right person?

Tell me about a time you had to deal with an upset customer. What was the situation, how did you handle it and how did you know you were effective

Our Canadian business operation is in a leased facility just acquired by the Canadian government upon previous landlord's default - and they are not allowing tenants to renew their leases; therefore, our business operations there are in jeopardy and timeline is short. What would you do to handle this situation?

How would I handle I difficult customer, describe the situation from beginning to end and then describe the outcome.

Have you ever had to take charge of a project?

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