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Secretary Interview Questions in Michigan

"Companies depend on secretaries to keep teams organized by executing a variety of administrative duties. Expect questions that will evaluate your organizational, time management, and multitasking abilities. Interviewers may ask you to discuss a time when you successfully juggled multiple deadlines or were able to handle difficult callers. Though these interviews focus primarily on soft skills, you may be asked about your knowledge of relevant administrative software."

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They expect you to know what is AR 25-20 mean. They will ask you what is AR XX-XX? You have to give them a title of the army regulation.

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You have to memorize the AR, memorize the skills you have done in the past even thou you are not working and not using the skills. They prefer someone who is currently working skills not the years of gaps.

Yes, I was one of the candidate for the Secretary (OA) position, they asked me the same thing. I knew what is AR25-20 but I didn't get the job. Interviewed on Oct 26, 2012. Former TACOM employee, layoff due to RIF. Yes, I agree that they prefer someone who is currently working or working for TACOM.

The were about 5 unexpected questions I had. I do not remember exactly what it was but it went something like "what is the title 00A1 regulation for DD23?" something really technical like that o_O ummm idk. Then interviewers knew I didn't know either I think that was more directed to the internal candidates.

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Explaining my leaving my former emplyment. I felt as if she was completely analyzing my and dissecting every word.

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I was asked to "sell" an ink pen to one of the owners.

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How will your fellow coworkers know if you are stressed?

None - was just asked by the HR Intern during the initial phone call when I was available to come In. See review for further info.

What do you know about our company?

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Using the STAR method, list scenarios were you were overwhelmed and stressful

I was not asked any difficult or unexpected questions

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