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Gave me a micro test about the biochemical and morphological characteristics of several organisms.

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SeveralÑ E coli, Proteus Mirabilis, MRSA, VRE,

Gram Stain

What is more important safety or quality?

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No difficult questions. There were in a state of desperation when I was hired. Words of Warning: There is very little scientific acumen required to perform this job. And is best if you don't have any prior work experience in a research setting. You may get hired on, but the transition(demotion) from a research laboratory to this is startling.

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Where did I see myself in give years?

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How would your fellow students or professors describe you?

Describe how you handle workflow when a lot of things have to be done? (Something like that.)

What was the biggest error you've done in school or life in general?

No ethical questions (thankfully). What I like to do? Music? Food? They wanted to tell me about what to expect mostly but nothing had me prepared for how it really was.

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What are your personal goals?

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