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Why are you interested in this position?

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Access to nuts and bolts of wide range of securities, trade clearing process, and HF portfolio managers.

After just about 5 minutes into the interview they jumped right to how much I would like to make at the position.

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What were your responsibilities relevant to the job posting?

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Why Citi?

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Why do you want to work for JP Morgan? What makes you right for this role?

They basically just asked me to describe what I was doing in my current role and why I wanted to move

Nomura seems to shun you as a candidate if you are driven and ambitious. They try to pull out all the faults in you as a candidate instead of the positives and draw on the negatives. Furthermore, I believe I personally believe I didn't receive the job due to racial prejudice. I had the job qualification. It was an entry level job and I was eager to learn and grow. However, it was obvious that I will have been shun from the role no matter I tried to sell myself.

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Lavent asked a pipeline process question in relation to storage usage and how it effects the business over a time period.

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- What do you think about the Federal Reserve's current policies? - Tell us about your senior thesis. - Tell us about a time at work or at school where you had to overcome a challenge.

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