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Middle School Teacher Interview Questions

"Middle school is a pivotal stage in a student's academic and personal career, so employers are looking for passionate candidates who motivate students and adequately prepare them to enter high school. You may be asked to discuss your teaching style, how you would provide support to lower-leveled learners, or how you might executive disciplinary action should an issue arise."

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Describe what we would see going on in your room during a typical math lesson ?

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You would see a student oriented room with lots of current student work on the walls. I try to make it all about the learner. You would see group projects where the students are taking ownership of their own learning.

What are your instructional strengths and weaknesses?

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How would you handle it if you had a group of kids in line outside your classroom waiting to get to the next period and they were yelling and cursing and acting out (middle school in troubled neighborhood)?

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What would your final grade be (for the year) for a child that scored averages of 18%, 68%, 70% and 72% (high school math)?

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How do you differentiate instruction when working with ESE and English Language Learners? (similar)

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How is my classroom management and how do you build culture in your classroom?

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How do I teach low-level learners?

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What is your teaching style?

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Would you think 8th grade or 7th grade is the hardest behavior management wise?

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The most difficult part of the interview process was teaching the sample lesson to a group of 7th graders who I didn't know.

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