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For a system given a large array of words ahead of time, write a function that takes a two character set and returns the set of words that contain both characters.

Given two arrays, return the elements in one array that aren't in the other.

Write functions for a system to receive a stream of numbers, and have functions that can quickly give the sum, average and median of the stream at that point in time. The tricky part of this was the median.

Given a image of a screen of Glassdoor's Android App, describe in both words and (pseudo)-code how you would design the layout.

Various SQL questions, given a simple schema, write queries for questions that needed joins, outer joins, grouping, having, correlated subquery.

A couple of questions involving implementing caching in a service for recently/frequently requested data.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of questions about challenges in the past and situational questions.

how would you deal with someone who has philosophically different approach to solve problem when the time is running out?

All the questions were normal, as you will expect in any other tech company. Be prepared for Multithreading questions, Caching, some UI questions.

Architecture related question for A/B testing prototype.

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