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Tell me about a time when you were working with a coworker. What task were you working on and what was the outcome?

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We were working on getting topstock down and were interrupted by a customer needing product from the aisle. We stopped, allowed them access and assisted them with their choice, and returned to finish the task. This was, apparently, not the answer they wanted because I was told another candidate interviewed better than me.

Not and Answer, just a comment to the above answer. I think its because you didn't give them specifics. They really like details. Keep them writing your answer, rather than looking at you. Act like they don't know you, if you're a current employee. Details and specifics are key.

Specific instances where a customer was unhappy and how you solved it. I mean specific, not " i would have" very specific.

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Not having much home improvement experience, why do you feel Home Depot is the best fit for you?

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Scenario: Walk up to a customer and ask them if they need help with anything, Customer responds by saying yes, Is there someone they can talk to about ordering some doors for their rental property.

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Tell me a time when a customer came in with an issue. What was the issue? How did you resolve the issue? What was the outcome?

Do you work well in a early morning stressful environment?

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Name a time when I did something wrong,. Who did I tell, and how did I resolve it?

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Tell us one thing you did without being asked , and how did that work out

how would you sell millwork products

1 Answer

Rate your level of knowledge in the following departments... after you choose your highest area...essentialy then asks how you would sell X in that department to a customer and what kind of add on's you could suggest (more product) and what values you could also sell (credit).

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