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Denver Public Schools
Special Education Paraprofessional was asked...May 19, 2016

What is a situation in which you have been challenged by a student and how did you meet that challenge and learn from it for future lessons

2 Answers

I had a student who would keep talking even when she wasn’t supposed to. I tried changing her seat frequently, talking to her parents then finally settled on having her take a paper and write out what’s on her mind in the back of the room which seemed most effective. I also found that letting her help with tasks worked Less

I talked about a student with autism I had that used to spit on me and other paras every time we tried to get him to learn and do work. I explained the many tactics we came up with and tried as a team and the many ways I tried on my own to get his behavior to change. Until we finally came up with a tactic of reward and recoil that got him away from spiting and excited to do work. Less

Corpus Christi Independent School District

What would you do if a student became physically aggressive in the classroom?

1 Answers

I would make certain all other students were safe. Removal of the other classroom students first, then deescalate the aggressive behavior next. Less


What is the difference between formative and summative evaluation?

1 Answers

Summative evaluation is meant to assess the amount of student learning at the end of a unit, like a final exam or midterm. Formative evaluation is much more regular and is used by a teacher to change their program to achieve better results. Less

Oakland Unified School District

Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

9 Answers


yes with the right help and support

Yes if they get the right help

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Why do I want to work with kifd

3 Answers

To my own personal feelings

Preschool is a foundation to build a community, therefore in order to make the world a better place the avenue I chose to contribute is being a preschool teacher. Less

When I recall my first-grade teacher how she shaped me, and how much love and kindness she poured into me inspired me to be a teacher. Less

Brightmont Academy

What subjects are you qualified to teach? Are you flexible in your teaching style?

3 Answers

I am qualified to teach English Literature and Grammar. My style is very flexible focusing on needs to the students. Less

English Literature and Grammar

I gave all the subjects I have taught over the years. The more subjects you can teach, the more hours you can get, so be flexible! Less


Did ou want to open your own early childhood center

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Houston ISD

As a teacher in an urban setting, what discipline process do you utilize to manage your class so that you are able to educate all in your class?

2 Answers

The discipline process that I use to manage my class will be one that has built in positive behavior supports. Day 1 I will collaborate with my students to draft the class rules. This is important because I want the student to be able to not only read the rules but to know why these rules are important. Creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning requires putting systems into place so that when students enter the class they know exactly what is expected of them. Having students be an intricate piece of the learning process and rewarding acceptable behavior is a part of how I as an educator will manage my classroom. Less

I will say that I use positive behavior management I believe that first and foremost you must go in and build a relationship with each and every child be open to understand each individual‘s unique abilities once you have that relationship they tend to respect you I believe in setting The tone of how the classroom is going to run from day one these kids need structure and consistency if they know from day one what your expectations are and you keep them true to hold in those expectations then nine out of 10 times you will have a successful classroom I also believe in keeping learning fun no one likes boring especially these kids they like hands-on activities a lot of community-based learning. Rewarding good behavior is something that a lot of people don’t like however in my teaching style unless the student has hurt another person or themselves as far as the parents are concerned they had a great day because it’s my job to run My classroom take care of the consequences there when it’s over it’s over we move on and it’s a new day always give them the opportunity to redeem themselves for small behavioral issues and don’t give attention to negative behaviors and I have seen that when you give attention to when they are doing good and ignore when they’re doing bad they tend to turn to good behaviors Less

Austin ISD

Why are you a good fit?

2 Answers

I think I would be a good fit here because I’m very responsible, hardworking, and very patient, especially when it comes to working with special needs individuals. I believe with the experience I have I know how to care for disabled individuals and how to react correctly to their different behaviors. Less

I think I would be a good fit because I have some experience working with disabled people and even kids that have special needs. I have the patience and know the care disabled people need and how to react correctly to their behaviors. Less

Baltimore City Public School System

how can you help a student? What is the IEP process?

2 Answers

The process of getting an IEP begins with an evaluation for special education. It ends with a written plan for services and supports. But the work of making sure your child is getting needed support continues long after that. Less

I did well because I have years of experience.

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