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General Manager Interview Questions in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

"Employers hiring general managers are looking for decisive leaders with previous management experience to oversee a department or division in the company. In an interview, be ready to discuss your ability to lead lower-level managers and implement improvements within the business. General managers may join the company directly through management, so interviewers will want candidates who are capable of forming strong relationships with established employees."

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What was the follow up like? I wrote thank you note to the interviewer right away. I received a reply to say the interview notes had been passed on. May 01.

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Today May 14 a call to tell me GM decided to hire someone else.

It was not so much a question as revelation of fact. I told the interviewer that because of a brain injury sustained about 2 years ago I am not able to see well enough to drive (either myself or other people). I use public transportation to and from whenever I go anywhere. Schedules are not a problem though they are sometimes tough. At this point the interviewer told me that the GM in question while looking for a right-hand-man for the hotel because he was finding it difficult to do the job alone, really needed a shuttle driver for when the scheduled shuttle driver called off.

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Questions were simple with multipurpose answers like describe a P & l

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Do you know the panda way?

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What would you do if you saw an employee not charging for shoe rental?

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Know your numbers so you can show you understand how to plan and control product and labor expense. Know Comps and expense numbers of prior employers. Be able to answer "What is 10% of...." correctly and quickly! Do you have any Questions?

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Describe a time when you had to overcome an obstacle.

How do you live a healthy way of life?