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DC Department of Health
Public Health Analyst was asked...January 12, 2018

Practical experience questions and a display of skills with computer analysis exercises

1 Answers

Explained how my past experience related to the current position


What was my experience in data analysis and statistical software?

1 Answers

I listed the software I was familiar with and mentioned that my data analysis experience was academic based Less

CDC Foundation

Describe your background in Public Health.

1 Answers

Discussing my experiences in detail.

Partners in Health

Tell me about yourself. How do you handle pressure.

1 Answers

By listening to whatever comments and discover means to solving it in spit seconds that will benefit most likely the pressurizer and the audience. Less

Health Resources & Services Administration

Tell me about a time when you had multiple projects to complete, and didn't have enough time to complete them all by their deadlines.

1 Answers

The interview questions are all behavioral, meaning they're designed to get you to describe specific behaviors that you displayed in a given situation. I answer them using the STAR format: Situation - Task - Actions (Yours) - Results Less

RTI International

Tell me about your research experience. What do you hope to gain working at RTI? Can you send a writing sample?

1 Answers

Broad experience to help me identify the particular research areas I'm most interested in. Less

Public Health England

Calculate crude prevalence rate, confidence intervals, and explain the results you got in the paper in 20 minutes. Calculator provided. Please explain how you arrived at the answers in your statistical test. Have you analysed a large dataset, please provide examples. How would you clean your data and how would you deal with data errors or missing data. Tell me about data protection and how you would apply it in an analytical environment. Have you had experience with aggregate and/or record level data. Can you explain standardized rates, what about direct and indirect methods. What confidence intervals would you use (visit the 'Fingertips' profile to see which ones they use) Explain how you would carry out a project (project management approach) What are your aspirations. What do you think are the key components of a quality report and how would you produce one for senior management. How would you present complex statistical information to various senior stakeholders. What does 'intelligence' mean within public health.

1 Answers

For the statistical test, I revised the key documents 'APHO Technical Briefings' . I provided examples from my previous work experience. Emphasize you love responsibility and talk about strategy and the bigger picture within public health and policy. Less

RTI International

Q: describe a time when you had to (fill in the blank)

1 Answers

describe a time..

US Department of Health and Human Services

Situational based questions mostly with a mix of why HHS and current position questions.

1 Answers

How many years of experience did you have before applying for this position? I ask because I will be graduating from my Masters in Public Health next year May. Less

CACI International

Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)

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