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Sales Executive Interview Questions in Minneapolis, MN

"Sales executives bring their experience in sales to create relationships with clients, identify product improvements, and close deals for the company. Prepare for your interview by outlining stressful situations you've handled, identifying the compelling features of a company's product, and analyzing how you build long term client relationships. In addition, you should expect to be required to give a sales pitch to the employer."

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Are you prepared to make 60-90 cold calls a day?

1 Answer

You answer "of course I can make 90 cold calls a day. We live in Minneapolis! 100% of calls here are cold because the thermostat in the office is turned down to save on heating costs."

Every question that was asked did not have an answer that was going to be good enough especially questions regarding prospecting styles.

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Why is FIS the best company in the market

1 Answer

Tell me about a time you had to cold-call and if it was successful.

No difficult question. Jon Frank asked a question and I answered. I waited for about 10 minutes for him to ask me the next questions.

What do you know about Crayola Experience? Not just the brand.

Explain a time when you overcame extreme adversity?

To anecdotally walk through my employment history.

Hotel Experience?

1 Answer

Questions related to how I would adapt my skills to the role. I am a Sr level sales executive and my skills were slightly different, but would provide a great compliment to their existing team.

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