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Onsite case question were mostly Math based with logical conclusions to be withdrawn Case 1: All bank terms with value were given like %APR , ROI, transaction types etc. and Profit/Loss was asked to calculate. Case2: Call center data with numbers. X number of Call Centers with Y number of employees and their effective time of response for a call in minutes. What is the average of each center, if one employee is dropped off call what should be the level of response. The case interviewer clearly makes you understand the situation with hints. You got to answer the proper numbers with conlusions. Behavioural round is pretty straight forward and like any other HR rounds. There were 10 people interviewed on same day. The process is arranged properly with accommodation and food facility. Cap One did best to make sure the candidates are given proper facility.

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how is level of response defined?

Do I have experience with the Meditech build?

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Why I wanted to leave my current employer.

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What other skill do you have besides the one you mentioned already that can be applied to the job?

When was a time you had a conflict with a team member? Leadership experience.

Case interviews were easy but required speed in terms of maths and equation solving. Prepare for basic maths equations to avoid silly mistakes.

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Tell us about your experience with sql

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What's the programming languages you are most familiar with? A list of SAS questions (merge, macro)

"Why should we choose you?" was the most difficult. (Read: Not too hard of an interview)

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